Day Five– Love Inspiration — Inspired Love

maroon bells fallWhat inspires you? What lifts you up and makes your heart sing? For some people it’s beautiful artwork or music. Others it’s nature.  What brings you to that deep connection of joy? Creativity brings many people joy and I don’t mean creating the Mona Lisa!

Lots of people enjoy scrap booking, or photography – creating something that you love that you can share with others if you choose to or just appreciate it for yourself. Letting yourself be inspired keeps your energy up – and feeling rejuvenated. When you feel rejuvenated, you can let life flow. Life is easy then and good things happen.

Inspiration promotes self-love and keeps you out of negative self-talk.

It also connects you to your true essence, that part of you that allows you to feel whole, loved and supported in a larger way. It makes it easier for you to feel and be connected to your heart. Joy comes from your heart. When you create from your heart then magic happens! Imagine being in that space in a relationship on a regular basis. What magic would happen then?

Find something that inspires you today and then share it with someone!


Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to release fear and bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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Day Four – Love Inspiration Delightful Love

heart backgroundClose your eyes and take a slow deep breath in and let it out. Take another deep breath in and breathe in the sensation of Delight! When you think about delight what do you feel?  It always brings a smile to my face. It feels light and playful and brings back memories of sheer delightful experiences from my childhood or through my life. A delightful memory is making snow angels in my yard as a kid.

All through my life even as an adult I have made snow angels –just like I did a few days ago! I had a huge smile on my face as I looked up into the clear blue sky and was soaked from lying in the cold snow. I giggled all the way back into the house!

What brings you delight? And what delightful memories bring that joyful playful smile to you?  What delightful experiences can you create now?

Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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Day Three – Love Inspiration: Honest Love

heart backgroundHave you ever experienced honest love? It’s really beautiful isn’t it? There is something so pure and genuine about honest love. You get to be yourself. It’s euphoric –like that feeling when you fall in love. The love is exciting, sharing is exciting and joy is overflowing.

There is safety in honest sharing – the open communication, the sense that everything is possible together. You can create the life that you want which is abundant and secure.

Sometimes in long-term relationships, the door to honest sharing closes. I want you to know that it can easily be opened again and again. Feel the excitement! Honest love can always be yours. Claim it!  If you are looking for love, claim this now and draw it to you. It’s yours!


Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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Day Two – Love Inspiration: Respectful Love

heart backgroundAnother foundational element in relationships is respect. Respecting yourself is HUGE! It’s so important to treat yourself well:  being kind to yourself and not critical; having compassion for yourself when you are feeling down; spending time with yourself to just BE. I talk with lots of clients who don’t know how to just BE. It means to let yourself be still and do nothing. Don’t be on the phone, texting, email, or watching TV. Just breathe and be still. Focus on a happy memory, something that brought you great joy. Remember as many details as you can. Smile and breathe in the joy and delight of this memory. The purpose of this is to create a stronger connection with yourself – a deeper level of self-respect.

That is one way to treat yourself respectfully. Another way is to have a wonderful home environment that is clean and balanced—not too much stuff or clutter. When you treat yourself respectfully others will treat you respectfully too. If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, how you treat yourself MATTERS. When you treat yourself extremely well—respectfully—others will treat you that way too. And if they don’t, then move on right away. That’s taking care of yourself and that falls into the category of enormous self-respect and self-love!

Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is




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February The Month Of Love 28 Days Of Divine Love Inspiration

heart background    We all know February is the month of Love. Yes it’s about romantic love and sharing that love with another. And it’s also about loving yourself, because if you don’t have a high level of self-love then you won’t have the amazing high quality relationship that you seek if you are single. If you are in a love relationship, this month is an excellent time to renew and rejuvenate your intimacy, communication, and how you treat each other. This month you can set  “the bar” that you hold your relationship up to all year.

I am so excited to share my Divine Love Inspiration with you this month.


Day One – Love Inspiration – Trusting Love

The foundation of every relationship is trust and it needs to be nurtured all the time. You need to develop trust for yourself everyday and if you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship trust needs to be cultivated daily with your partner.

Why is that? Because most people have been hurt or betrayed somewhere in life, and yes this heals over time but the old wound can be triggered unknowingly at the blink of an eye. Trust provides reassurance when old fears come up. You’ve heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” To sustain and grow trust in a relationship your loving actions will show your partner how much you mean to them. And if you are single your loving actions to yourself reinforces your own self-love and self-trust and that is priceless!

Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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February 1-28, 2014

Are you tired of the ‘same old, same old’ in your life? Are you feeling unsatisfied or frustrated with the lack of love or low quality love in your life? Or are you just simply afraid of love and intimacy? Been hurt too many times before and don’t want to go there again?
Here’s my challenge to you! Instead of hiding behind the fear, how about if you break through the fear and let yourself be free to move forward and say Yes to the possibility of Love in your life. Don’t you deserve more joy, happiness and tenderness in your life? Of course you do.
Here’s my challenge.  Sign-up for my free Say Yes To Love 30-minute session where you have the opportunity of being EXCITED TO LOVE again.  Sign-up at  I will take the first 28 people to sign-up. Don’t wait, these slots will fill up quickly. Say ‘Yes’ To Love now! Email me at

Are You Afraid To Opt-In To A Healthy Relationship?

What’s holding you back? Not meeting the right person, afraid of being hurt again, or the person has too many issues to deal with?

You do know there is “no” perfect relationship out there don’t you?  Relationships are work and they are rewarding when two people share their love, their joy and their ups and downs in life. Life throws each of us curve balls. What matters is how you handle them. You can resist them which causes pain and suffering.  Or you can roll with them and learn the lessons the situation is bringing to you and as a result you can grow and evolve. When you do that you can be a better person, then you can love yourself even more. When you love yourself more you will attract a partner who loves you even more.

This is life and life in a relationship can feel like a seesaw. My husband and I joke that we do well when one of us is working through a challenge because we have the other one their for support. If both of us are facing challenges then it gets a little tricky on how to manage my own feelings and being able to be objective and listen with an open mind to his challenges.

How do I do that?  I have learned how to do it. I can connect within to know the truth about my own situation and then make the choices that will solve it and then I can hold space for my husband so he can do the same. Doing this takes the ‘emotional charge’ out of the situation and we each can connect to a space of truth. It also takes practice.

We each have the capability of loving many people at one time – we do it every day. Our heart spaces are very big! What’s important is loving your self and taking care of yourself first. This allows you to keep that clear space for your partner or the one that you CAN allow in. You have permission to Opt-In and experience a healthy, fun life and a lasting relationship with a dynamic life partner.


If you are feeling doubtful email me at or call me at 720-771-1116to talk about it. Thanks, Regina


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I mean do you really know who you are? When you introduce yourself you say “Hi, my name is _____ “ and you give your name. You may be Patty or Joe. Great.  Who are you? You may think of traits that describe you like “I have a sense of humor, I’m kind, intelligent” etc…Or you have may other traits like “I’m  bossy, controlling, or inflexible.” We all have both. I ask you again, “Who are You?”

Have you ever gone deep within and asked that question? Do you know what makes your heart sing and inspires you? And what scares you to death?  These are important questions to ask yourself so that you can start getting to the core of who you are – who you really are – your True Self. This is how you get to know the truth of who you are in this life.
Take some time to journal or sit quietly and reflect on these questions. This question may be the most powerful to reflect upon: “How do I express my true self and true joy Now?”
The better you know and understand yourself the greater gift you are to all others! Enjoy.

Focusing on the Positive