Day Two – Love Inspiration: Respectful Love

heart backgroundAnother foundational element in relationships is respect. Respecting yourself is HUGE! It’s so important to treat yourself well:  being kind to yourself and not critical; having compassion for yourself when you are feeling down; spending time with yourself to just BE. I talk with lots of clients who don’t know how to just BE. It means to let yourself be still and do nothing. Don’t be on the phone, texting, email, or watching TV. Just breathe and be still. Focus on a happy memory, something that brought you great joy. Remember as many details as you can. Smile and breathe in the joy and delight of this memory. The purpose of this is to create a stronger connection with yourself – a deeper level of self-respect.

That is one way to treat yourself respectfully. Another way is to have a wonderful home environment that is clean and balanced—not too much stuff or clutter. When you treat yourself respectfully others will treat you respectfully too. If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, how you treat yourself MATTERS. When you treat yourself extremely well—respectfully—others will treat you that way too. And if they don’t, then move on right away. That’s taking care of yourself and that falls into the category of enormous self-respect and self-love!

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