Sacred Heart Meditation

I wanted to share a meditation technique to help you to connect to your Sacred Heart. When you connect to your Sacred Heart, it helps you to deepen that connection with your Soul and your Divine I Am presence. If you’d like to follow along with me, I’ll have you close your eyes. We’re going to begin by taking a few deep breaths in and out.

Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Take another deep breath in and slowly breathe out. And if you’d like to put your hands over your heart, it might help you to feel this connection as you’re letting yourself slow down and be here in this present moment.

Let’s take another deep breath in and breathe out when you take a few moments throughout your day to allow for this quiet time to connect back to the sacred part of you. To this holy part of you, you can come back to neutral. You know your physical body needs nurturing, but your emotional and mental body needs nurturing, as well as your etheric body and your spiritual body. Again, take another deep breath in, slowly breathing out. If you wish, let’s set an intention to connect to your Sacred Heart. ‘My intention is to connect to my Sacred Heart now.’ Your Sacred Heart is in a spiritual location, in a special location within your physical heart.

It’s in an etheric heart. It’s a higher dimensional… In a higher dimensional vibration. It’s where divine love resides. This is where you can unlock the gateway to feel and experience more of your soul and your Divine I am Presence. You can be in this meditative space and ask for guidance as per ideas, suggestions, and solutions. I find when I do that, I do receive answers. If I’m in a challenging situation, or even if it’s not in a challenging situation, I receive answers that give me a new perspective.

Because you see, in the higher realms, there are no limitations. In this earthly realm, there are still limitations. I like to ask for guidance whenever I’m moving forward in some way or doing something new. Show me the way. Taking these few minutes is a self-honoring and self-nurturing act of self-love and compassion, a very simple technique to use throughout your day. Knowing that you’re connected to your Sacred Heart, to divine love. You can easily unlock the gateway that allows you greater communication, using your intuition and receiving guidance from your soul and your Divine I Am presence. Enjoy practicing this technique.

The more you practice this technique, the easier it becomes. It develops and strengthens your ability to connect within your soul and Divine I AM presence so that you can receive daily guidance. This is when life opens up into the universal flow, and it becomes easier and more joyful.

What does Spiritual Awakening Feel Like

What does Spiritual Awakening Feel Like

Let’s talk a little bit about your spirituality, spiritual development, personal development, and your awakening path.

Some of you probably already know what this is, but it’s really a glorious path to your personal evolution, self-growth, expansion, higher awareness, and higher consciousness. And so, how does this awakening begin?

You probably start asking questions like: 

  • I would like my life to be better; what am I really here to do?
  • What’s my purpose?

Because what I’m doing now really doesn’t feel that good, it feels like I could be doing more, being of service in some way.

When you get those inklings, and you start saying, “Yes, I’d like to know more”,  the universe starts bringing thoughts to you and dropping tips to you. You may hear a new type of job, a new form of healing, or some type of coaching that really speaks to you. Your ears perk up, and you feel like that little zing within you, like, “Oh, what’s that about?” And you want to learn more. When we say “Yes” to our growth then we want to move forward and you want to know more. The universe is always listening as are your guides, your angels, your team– we all have a team of one or two guides or more.

Your team perks up and responds ‘Oh, here she is; she said Yes, she wants to learn more’. They bring information to us. Some people see it on a sign on the side of a bus, or a book falls off a shelf, or as I’ve said, a friend brings you some information, or you hear from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time, and they tell you this amazing new experience they’ve had. And you’re excited and think, “Oh, I want to do that too.”

It makes you curious. Coinciding with that is your desire to feel a deeper connection to yourself, to God, the universe, whatever that your term is –Divine Mother, Divine Father, Jesus, the Universe. All these terms are interchangeable for me because I feel that deeper connection within me, and I want to feel more. When I can feel that deep peace, if you meditate or if you do yoga, you feel an alignment with this deep peace. You can feel this deep peace out in nature and you feel this alignment and peace within you. It also brings a sense of certainty, this sense of love, knowing that you’re one and that you are connected.

As you develop more spiritual practices, daily practices, this connection grows and becomes stronger and draws you into learning more, to having more daily practices to do more things that bring you joy and can bring balance into your life, so ‘yes’, you might be working your day-to-day job but what’s the balance? What is the shift needed to create something better?

What’s the spiritual aspect that brings you that balance, brings you that joy, that connectedness? It is love and peace, and harmony.

These are valuable aspects to cultivate within you, these really promote your spiritual awakening, your expansion, and of course, your personal evolution to your soul.

We’ve all had childhood experiences and adult experiences that have been no fun, but it’s important to be able to heal them, and transform them, and not hold on to them. Pain and suffering are not conducive to a spiritual path and are stifling. When you recognize that meditation, yoga, nature, painting, and singing can bring you that deep joy, any and all of those things will support you in this beautiful path of awakening, this ascension path. It will make your healing and transformation easier because you have these frequencies of love and connectedness forming, and they will really hold you and help you to be in alignment with your soul, your higher self, or your divine I Am Presence.

It’s a beautiful path to embark on, it’s a beautiful path of self-love and expansion. This awareness brings so much joy and peace and harmony into your life, and then the path of service begins to light up and become clearer and clearer with each step. This is where excitement and Joy expands. I’m happy to be sharing this information with you and supporting you on your journey, this beautiful path to greater levels of you. Namaste.

DIVINE LOVE AND THE NEW EARTH channeled message by Regina Sisco

3-20-22 Channeled message from Divine Mother 

Here is link to the full 3-20 Spring Equinox Meditation and channeled messages:

My dear children, it is I, your Divine Mother.  I am overjoyed to be with you this evening.  I am delighted to be with you this evening.  The frequencies of Divine Love are becoming stronger within each of you, and in turn they are becoming stronger within the Earth.  This allows the higher frequencies to be anchored more and more within the Earth.  This allows the frequencies of the Divine Feminine to be anchored within the Earth. This is the time; this is the season of fertility. This is when the womb calls forth new life. This is when the womb of Divine Mother calls for creativity, new life, birth, regeneration of all that is meant to grow, to expand, and to multiply. The womb of the feminine creates all. The womb of the feminine is the essence of life.  The womb of the feminine is the transformation of the Divine Love portal.

So, as you see, this breaking down of your old systems of these dark energies being destroyed and exposed, this makes way for new life to come in.  This makes way for the anchoring of the Divine Feminine to move through you, anchoring into the Earth to restore the much-needed balance of life on this Earth and within this Earth.

The energies of Love, the energies of creativity, of purity, of wisdom, beauty and grace, to bring in the balance of what this old paradigm, this old outdated system of the Dark that manipulated the Divine Masculine and patriarchy and it was attempted, not successful but attempted, to obliterate, subjugate, hide, mislead the power and truth of the Divine Feminine, this of course shall not stand!  The healing that is required is deep, yes.  These old systems are crumbling down, and the healing and the restoration of the Divine Feminine is rising forth, like the phoenix, like the beautiful Goddess, restoring these beautiful energies, bringing in the needed balance, as the Divine Masculine must be restored as well.

So, you see, the subjugation of the feminine most definitely occurred, but the reality is, the subjugation of the masculine has also occurred.  It is time to heal both.  It is time for the masculine to be healed; for the balance of the masculine to be restored.  Yes, the masculine can be the warrior, but the masculine can also create, and protect, and to be wise, and cultivate communities, not control communities, cultivate communities; cultivate the Oneness, cultivate this Divine partnership of creativity and unity consciousness, creating the flourishing of communities, not manipulating, controlling and destroying communities.

My dear ones, I share this truth with you because it is time; it this time for this to be exposed.  It’s time for the Light of Love to shine the Light of the Truth of Divine Masculine and Feminine, cultivating these Sacred energies, Sacred union of Divine Masculine and Feminine within yourselves, and within your societies.  Oh yes, it’s a big job indeed, but you all are in process.   You are magnificent Light beings.  You are in process.  You have been learning to support each other- Divine Feminine and Masculine, understanding more and more a balance of these energies within yourself, but accepting these, understanding these, in relationship and then in greater society.

These are the energies of the New Earth!  There will be no war.  There will be no violence.  There will be no weapons on the New Earth.  This is a cultivation of balance, of beauty, of sharing, in ways that you have yet to experience in this life, or many lives.  In the higher realms, this is how we exist, and you will remember that this is the New Earth, and you are each creating and cultivating this.  I am so grateful. My deepest love to you.  I hold you tenderly.  I am your Divine Mother.