What does Spiritual Awakening Feel Like

What does Spiritual Awakening Feel Like

Let’s talk a little bit about your spirituality, spiritual development, personal development, and your awakening path.

Some of you probably already know what this is, but it’s really a glorious path to your personal evolution, self-growth, expansion, higher awareness, and higher consciousness. And so, how does this awakening begin?

You probably start asking questions like: 

  • I would like my life to be better; what am I really here to do?
  • What’s my purpose?

Because what I’m doing now really doesn’t feel that good, it feels like I could be doing more, being of service in some way.

When you get those inklings, and you start saying, “Yes, I’d like to know more”,  the universe starts bringing thoughts to you and dropping tips to you. You may hear a new type of job, a new form of healing, or some type of coaching that really speaks to you. Your ears perk up, and you feel like that little zing within you, like, “Oh, what’s that about?” And you want to learn more. When we say “Yes” to our growth then we want to move forward and you want to know more. The universe is always listening as are your guides, your angels, your team– we all have a team of one or two guides or more.

Your team perks up and responds ‘Oh, here she is; she said Yes, she wants to learn more’. They bring information to us. Some people see it on a sign on the side of a bus, or a book falls off a shelf, or as I’ve said, a friend brings you some information, or you hear from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time, and they tell you this amazing new experience they’ve had. And you’re excited and think, “Oh, I want to do that too.”

It makes you curious. Coinciding with that is your desire to feel a deeper connection to yourself, to God, the universe, whatever that your term is –Divine Mother, Divine Father, Jesus, the Universe. All these terms are interchangeable for me because I feel that deeper connection within me, and I want to feel more. When I can feel that deep peace, if you meditate or if you do yoga, you feel an alignment with this deep peace. You can feel this deep peace out in nature and you feel this alignment and peace within you. It also brings a sense of certainty, this sense of love, knowing that you’re one and that you are connected.

As you develop more spiritual practices, daily practices, this connection grows and becomes stronger and draws you into learning more, to having more daily practices to do more things that bring you joy and can bring balance into your life, so ‘yes’, you might be working your day-to-day job but what’s the balance? What is the shift needed to create something better?

What’s the spiritual aspect that brings you that balance, brings you that joy, that connectedness? It is love and peace, and harmony.

These are valuable aspects to cultivate within you, these really promote your spiritual awakening, your expansion, and of course, your personal evolution to your soul.

We’ve all had childhood experiences and adult experiences that have been no fun, but it’s important to be able to heal them, and transform them, and not hold on to them. Pain and suffering are not conducive to a spiritual path and are stifling. When you recognize that meditation, yoga, nature, painting, and singing can bring you that deep joy, any and all of those things will support you in this beautiful path of awakening, this ascension path. It will make your healing and transformation easier because you have these frequencies of love and connectedness forming, and they will really hold you and help you to be in alignment with your soul, your higher self, or your divine I Am Presence.

It’s a beautiful path to embark on, it’s a beautiful path of self-love and expansion. This awareness brings so much joy and peace and harmony into your life, and then the path of service begins to light up and become clearer and clearer with each step. This is where excitement and Joy expands. I’m happy to be sharing this information with you and supporting you on your journey, this beautiful path to greater levels of you. Namaste.