Day Six– Love Inspiration Beauty & Love

heartTake a moment and imagine something beautiful. What is that for you? It may be child laughing, a pristine waterfall, or someone helping an elderly person. I want to describe beauty and what it means to me, and maybe it’s the same for you? Beauty is whatever makes my heart sing, it may move me to tears – in someway it moves my heart. Anything that moves my heart to open is love.

If I see something that moves me to tears then I know something in my heart and my past is being healed and released. If something makes me laugh, I feel the joy in my heart—this is love that is expanding in my heart.  Even our perceived challenges have a lining of beauty because we are letting something go from the past that didn’t feel good and we no longer need it. That is a victory and most beautiful – and another form of love.

I have pets – cats and they are delightful. They have very unique personalities and are quite entertaining. They make me laugh, provide comfort and have so much love. Think about where and how beauty shows up in your life and how that transforms to love! How grateful I am for all the beauty that surrounds us!

Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to release fear and bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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