Day Nine– Love Inspiration – Compassionate Love

holding handsDo you have compassion for yourself? Do you have compassion for others? It’s often easier to have compassion for others than it is ourselves isn’t it? Sometimes our self-critic can really be on a roll with negative self-talk. It’s up to us to stop the negative talk and choose something that feels good like compassion.

Compassion is sweet, tender and forgiving. It’s a way to give ourselves a break and let us off the hook. It’s a way to ease up on others; it breaks the hold of anger and opens the doorway to resolution.  We all mess-up sometime and say or do the wrong thing. Most of the time we don’t mean it we just reacted without thinking or connecting to our hearts first.

This is where compassion can come into play. It helps us to forgive ourselves and to forgive others.  It eases the hurt. It’s like the ‘free pass’ card to allow grace into any challenging situation. Compassion allows us to see the innocence in another and the innocence in ourselves.


Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to release fear and bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is [email protected].

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