Sacred Heart Meditation

I wanted to share a meditation technique to help you to connect to your Sacred Heart. When you connect to your Sacred Heart, it helps you to deepen that connection with your Soul and your Divine I Am presence. If you’d like to follow along with me, I’ll have you close your eyes. We’re going to begin by taking a few deep breaths in and out.

Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Take another deep breath in and slowly breathe out. And if you’d like to put your hands over your heart, it might help you to feel this connection as you’re letting yourself slow down and be here in this present moment.

Let’s take another deep breath in and breathe out when you take a few moments throughout your day to allow for this quiet time to connect back to the sacred part of you. To this holy part of you, you can come back to neutral. You know your physical body needs nurturing, but your emotional and mental body needs nurturing, as well as your etheric body and your spiritual body. Again, take another deep breath in, slowly breathing out. If you wish, let’s set an intention to connect to your Sacred Heart. ‘My intention is to connect to my Sacred Heart now.’ Your Sacred Heart is in a spiritual location, in a special location within your physical heart.

It’s in an etheric heart. It’s a higher dimensional… In a higher dimensional vibration. It’s where divine love resides. This is where you can unlock the gateway to feel and experience more of your soul and your Divine I am Presence. You can be in this meditative space and ask for guidance as per ideas, suggestions, and solutions. I find when I do that, I do receive answers. If I’m in a challenging situation, or even if it’s not in a challenging situation, I receive answers that give me a new perspective.

Because you see, in the higher realms, there are no limitations. In this earthly realm, there are still limitations. I like to ask for guidance whenever I’m moving forward in some way or doing something new. Show me the way. Taking these few minutes is a self-honoring and self-nurturing act of self-love and compassion, a very simple technique to use throughout your day. Knowing that you’re connected to your Sacred Heart, to divine love. You can easily unlock the gateway that allows you greater communication, using your intuition and receiving guidance from your soul and your Divine I Am presence. Enjoy practicing this technique.

The more you practice this technique, the easier it becomes. It develops and strengthens your ability to connect within your soul and Divine I AM presence so that you can receive daily guidance. This is when life opens up into the universal flow, and it becomes easier and more joyful.