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Is Tenderness The Same As Intimacy?

Do you know how to express tenderness in a relationship? Is tenderness the same as intimacy? Let’s say they go hand in hand. It’s letting yourself feel vulnerable and connected to your partner and with yourself. I know many women and men who do not like to feel vulnerable. It’s not safe, they feel too […]

Day Fourteen – Love Inspiration – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

One of my favorite song’s is the Beatle’s tune is “All You Need Is Love.” Which I thought was very fitting for today. Love yourself, your partner, friends and family….not just today – everyday!  We all need love everyday!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-pFAFsTFTI Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to […]

Day Thirteen– Love Inspiration – Magical Love

Have you ever experienced the state of magical love? All things flow easily, life is delightful, and our desires not only in love, come easily to us. How do you stay or maintain that state of magical love? Wouldn’t that be amazing if you could do that? Life would be really enjoyable. Because when you […]

Day Twelve– Love Inspiration – Cultivating Love

How do you cultivate love and keep that spark alive? You nurture and feed it with kindness and adventure. If you are in a long-term relationship or want to be in one, keeping the excitement and mystery alive is key! So how do you do that? You keep learning and growing as an individual. That […]

Day Eleven– Love Inspiration – Sharing & Caring Love

Isn’t it amazing that we get to share our life with someone or spend time in a relationship? It’s such a gift and a tremendous growth opportunity. Many people are under the illusion that marriage and relationships are all blissful and easy with no conflict! Just the opposite – they are about growth, understanding, and […]

Day Ten– Love Inspiration – Self-Appreciation

What does it feel like when you appreciate yourself? It feels pretty amazing doesn’t it?  Absolutely! I want to remind you to appreciate yourself everyday. Even if it’s for some thing small.  Maybe you crossed something off your to do list, or helped out a friend. Your day can buzz by so fast that you […]

Day Nine– Love Inspiration – Compassionate Love

Do you have compassion for yourself? Do you have compassion for others? It’s often easier to have compassion for others than it is ourselves isn’t it? Sometimes our self-critic can really be on a roll with negative self-talk. It’s up to us to stop the negative talk and choose something that feels good like compassion. […]

Day Eight– Love Inspiration – Valuable Love

Sometimes we take love for granted. We forget to show it and appreciate it. This is a little reminder to love yourself and value all the love in your life. Who are the people that mean the most to you? Have you talked to them recently? Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone and […]

Day Seven– Love Inspiration – Standing in Love

Do you know how to connect to your heart and feel the love in your heart? Put your hands over your heart and feel your heart beat. Close your eyes. Imagine all the love you have for your family and friends. Imagine all the love they have for you. Feel it. Bask in the love. […]

Day Six– Love Inspiration Beauty & Love

Take a moment and imagine something beautiful. What is that for you? It may be child laughing, a pristine waterfall, or someone helping an elderly person. I want to describe beauty and what it means to me, and maybe it’s the same for you? Beauty is whatever makes my heart sing, it may move me […]