Day Eleven– Love Inspiration – Sharing & Caring Love

couple walking on beachIsn’t it amazing that we get to share our life with someone or spend time in a relationship? It’s such a gift and a tremendous growth opportunity. Many people are under the illusion that marriage and relationships are all blissful and easy with no conflict! Just the opposite – they are about growth, understanding, and healing the past – they provide the opportunity for each of us to show up, as better people.

We get to share who we are, what makes us laugh, cry, sing and those things that just drop us to our knees. These experiences open our hearts to deeper caring for ourselves and our partners. It opens us up to deeper love and compassion. It spreads our wings and so that we can fly and expand. It’s so beautiful. That’s why we are here; to learn, grow and expand.

Can this deeper level of sharing in relationships be challenging? Of course. They are designed to bring out the best of you and your partner. It’s the ability to hold a sacred space for each other when old layers of the past are released.

The process of relationships allows your heart to grow, so that you can experience greater love and joy. Life is a journey and your love is too!


Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to release fear and bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is [email protected].

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