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Trusting Your Self

What’s the value of trusting yourself?  You trust your decisions, your confidence level is higher…what else? What happens when you don’t trust yourself?  You can make rash decisions, or poor decisions, and you may end up getting mad at yourself or criticizing your decision.  Then what happens? That downward spiral of negative self talk, not […]


I have a client who wasn’t allowing herself to be treated respectfully in a relationship.  She thought she wasn’t good enough to have a man treat her well.  Since she didn’t value or respect herself, she sought men who treated her the same.  She became aware of her choices that she allowed men in, who […]

Self-doubt Is Being Our Own Worst Enemy

Do you believe that you can have a divine relationship?  What would a divine relationship look like?  Would a divine relationship include compatibility, trust, intimacy, sex, emotional wellness, and abundance?  Yes, to all of that and more.  However, many women doubt themselves when it comes to relationships. Women have told me that they don’t feel […]