Are You Loveable? 4 Tips to Help You Feel Loveable

Here are some Relationship Indicators to let you know if you don’t feel loveable or deep down really don’t believe you deserve to be loved.

1. Do you give your poweholding handsr away in relationships? Do you let the other person make most of the decisions? Do you trust your own decisions?
2. Do you need to be in charge? Do you make all the arrangements? Do you ask for input from your partner? Or better still, do you dismiss the input from your partner?
3. When you feel the relationship is getting hard and communication is difficult for you, do you sabatoge the relationship (have bad behavior like saying or doing something cruel) so the other person will end it?
4. Do you feel insecure or needy when it comes to relationship? Do you hear yourself saying “I need someone to love me.” Or “Why am I still alone.”

During this month of Love in February I will be giving weekly tips to answer these four Relationship Indicators. Share your stories with me and I will provide advice directly to you on my blog.

Regina Sisco is a certified Life & Relationship Coach. She is an expert with helping people transform their relationship suffering into self-acceptance and relationship bliss. Regina can be reached at [email protected].