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Day Five– Love Inspiration — Inspired Love

What inspires you? What lifts you up and makes your heart sing? For some people it’s beautiful artwork or music. Others it’s nature.  What brings you to that deep connection of joy? Creativity brings many people joy and I don’t mean creating the Mona Lisa! Lots of people enjoy scrap booking, or photography – creating […]

Day Three – Love Inspiration: Honest Love

Have you ever experienced honest love? It’s really beautiful isn’t it? There is something so pure and genuine about honest love. You get to be yourself. It’s euphoric –like that feeling when you fall in love. The love is exciting, sharing is exciting and joy is overflowing. There is safety in honest sharing – the […]

Day Two – Love Inspiration: Respectful Love

Another foundational element in relationships is respect. Respecting yourself is HUGE! It’s so important to treat yourself well:  being kind to yourself and not critical; having compassion for yourself when you are feeling down; spending time with yourself to just BE. I talk with lots of clients who don’t know how to just BE. It […]

February The Month Of Love 28 Days Of Divine Love Inspiration

    We all know February is the month of Love. Yes it’s about romantic love and sharing that love with another. And it’s also about loving yourself, because if you don’t have a high level of self-love then you won’t have the amazing high quality relationship that you seek if you are single. If you […]

Are You Afraid To Opt-In To A Healthy Relationship?

What’s holding you back? Not meeting the right person, afraid of being hurt again, or the person has too many issues to deal with? You do know there is “no” perfect relationship out there don’t you?  Relationships are work and they are rewarding when two people share their love, their joy and their ups and […]


I mean do you really know who you are? When you introduce yourself you say “Hi, my name is _____ “ and you give your name. You may be Patty or Joe. Great.  Who are you? You may think of traits that describe you like “I have a sense of humor, I’m kind, intelligent” etc…Or you have may […]