Self-doubt Is Being Our Own Worst Enemy

Do you believe that you can have a divine relationship?  What would a divine relationship look like?  Would a divine relationship include compatibility, trust, intimacy, sex, emotional wellness, and abundance?  Yes, to all of that and more.  However, many women doubt themselves when it comes to relationships. Women have told me that they don’t feel good enough; there must be something wrong with them because they keep attracting the wrong guy or partner.  Then the self-recrimination starts, “I’m not tall enough.” Or “I need to loose weight.”  And we know how the list can go on and on.

Self-doubt is being our own worst enemy. It’s human nature to be negative, it’s often our first response to most things. Crazy right? This is because of years of training and programming that comes from school, family and friends, and because this is how mass consciousness works. It’s each individual’s job to start breaking this self-doubt pattern and start by making some new choices.

Instead of criticizing yourself when something goes wrong, make a new choice. Learn from the experience and choose to do something different the next time creating a positive outcome. This creates self-confidence versus self-doubt. When things turn out well, praise yourself for a great outcome.  Especially when it comes to relationships—we all have been hurt in the past and we don’t want to get hurt again. We protect ourselves. Protection goes two ways we stay protected but we also keep true love out, and never fully give ourselves the chance to experience a divine relationship.