Lack of Self-Love

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you are always doubting your choices isn’t it. Lots of us have a really strong self-critic who seems to convince us that we are worthless and no good. Nothing can be further from the truth. You are not worthless you are a beautiful child of God who is loved unconditionally no matter how badly you perceive that you have screwed up.
Did you treat someone badly? Someone you love? Someone you don’t really know? Yourself?  All of your choices were reactions and reflections of what is going on inside of you. Things like feelings of insecurity and not loving yourself very much. Do you feel guilty when you have lashed out or were harsh to someone else?  Yes most of us do. Guilt is our ego mind keeping us stuck and small, and keeps us in the circle of self-punishment.  Here is what self-punishment is:  SELF PUNISHMENT= LACK OF SELF LOVE.
How do you get to that place of letting go of insecurities and those things that you don’t like about yourself? How do you build self-confidence? You start by being vigilant in managing your thoughts. So instead of “I screwed up again.” You can start with “I am loving.” “I am loving to myself and all others today.”  When you set your intention at the beginning of the day in love, it will help you to stay aware of your thoughts and managing them to be more positive and loving for you and others throughout your day.  This consistent practice will create a shift in your perception and awareness from negative to positive.
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