Day Five– Love Inspiration — Inspired Love

maroon bells fallWhat inspires you? What lifts you up and makes your heart sing? For some people it’s beautiful artwork or music. Others it’s nature.  What brings you to that deep connection of joy? Creativity brings many people joy and I don’t mean creating the Mona Lisa!

Lots of people enjoy scrap booking, or photography – creating something that you love that you can share with others if you choose to or just appreciate it for yourself. Letting yourself be inspired keeps your energy up – and feeling rejuvenated. When you feel rejuvenated, you can let life flow. Life is easy then and good things happen.

Inspiration promotes self-love and keeps you out of negative self-talk.

It also connects you to your true essence, that part of you that allows you to feel whole, loved and supported in a larger way. It makes it easier for you to feel and be connected to your heart. Joy comes from your heart. When you create from your heart then magic happens! Imagine being in that space in a relationship on a regular basis. What magic would happen then?

Find something that inspires you today and then share it with someone!


Regina Sisco is a Relationship Coach and Divine Matchmaker™ who enjoys helping others to release fear and bring more love into their lives. Her website is and her email is


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