Are You Afraid To Opt-In To A Healthy Relationship?

What’s holding you back? Not meeting the right person, afraid of being hurt again, or the person has too many issues to deal with?

You do know there is “no” perfect relationship out there don’t you?  Relationships are work and they are rewarding when two people share their love, their joy and their ups and downs in life. Life throws each of us curve balls. What matters is how you handle them. You can resist them which causes pain and suffering.  Or you can roll with them and learn the lessons the situation is bringing to you and as a result you can grow and evolve. When you do that you can be a better person, then you can love yourself even more. When you love yourself more you will attract a partner who loves you even more.

This is life and life in a relationship can feel like a seesaw. My husband and I joke that we do well when one of us is working through a challenge because we have the other one their for support. If both of us are facing challenges then it gets a little tricky on how to manage my own feelings and being able to be objective and listen with an open mind to his challenges.

How do I do that?  I have learned how to do it. I can connect within to know the truth about my own situation and then make the choices that will solve it and then I can hold space for my husband so he can do the same. Doing this takes the ‘emotional charge’ out of the situation and we each can connect to a space of truth. It also takes practice.

We each have the capability of loving many people at one time – we do it every day. Our heart spaces are very big! What’s important is loving your self and taking care of yourself first. This allows you to keep that clear space for your partner or the one that you CAN allow in. You have permission to Opt-In and experience a healthy, fun life and a lasting relationship with a dynamic life partner.


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