When I began looking for a life coach, I wanted to find someone that could not only help me with my general life struggles, but someone who was also spiritually aware. That is exactly what I found with Regina. Regina has helped me realize my negative patterns that no longer serve me and has given me tools to use so I don’t have to continue living those patterns. Her intuitive ability has helped me be aware of where I still have blocks. Using Theta Healing on a consistent basis has helped tremendously in the areas of releasing old beliefs and emotions that I no longer need to believe or feel and to be able to incorporate new beliefs and feelings into my life that will help me move forward.   Regina is a very caring, truthful coach who has only wanted what was absolutely best for me. I felt very supported and comfortable with her. I also felt the trust was there to be able to discuss details about my personal life and experiences. I would recommend Regina’s coaching skills and Theta Healing expertise to anyone who has blocks with emotions or beliefs or just if a little life help is needed. Thank you Regina! Jayme, Longmont, CO

“I absolutely love the results I’m getting with Regina Sisco. I have worked with several top coaches and intuitive healers, and I can say that Regina is one of the best of the best in the world in BOTH arenas: an extremely rare combination of insight, compassion, and practical support.  I am really having a hard time believing the differences I’m seeing in both myself and for my roommate.  Thank you Regina, both for removing some of my self-defeating energy and for giving me practical tools to take care of the rest on my own as it comes up.”  Ellen Melko Moore, Denver, CO

Working with Regina has helped me to recognize my own strengths, to value myself and to help me discover who I am and what I want for my life. She asked the right questions so that I could find my own answers.  She encouraged me so that I felt sure of my abilities and authenticated my own sense of self worth.  I had a reliable ally in my fight against negative thoughts, fears and feelings of doubt.   She helped me to recognize my fears and the obstacles I had created internally and gave me the tools and guidance to overcome them. Once I was able to identify and articulate my fears, it was easier to overcome them and keep them from stopping me on my journey to a more meaningful and full life.  She kept me focused on what I wanted to change in my life and the steps necessary to achieve that change, I am so grateful for the work Regina and I have done.  AK- Arvada, CO

“The past several months participating in the coaching process with Regina has been extremely beneficial and helpful both personally and for my network  marketing business.  Her holistic approach helped me to openly talk through issues and say whatever was on my mind. I especially appreciated the guidance and concrete skills she taught me to work through the roadblocks that were holding me back in my relationships and my business.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be “unstuck” and moving forward again.  With Regina’s help, I was able to set clear boundaries for myself and my business and really learn how to be true to myself.  Thank you, Regina!!!”  Paula, Boulder, CO

Regina is a wonderful life coach. She is kind, supportive, caring and most important, she asks the right questions at the right time. She listens attentively and lets me do most of the talking, asking questions that prompt careful thought and consideration. Her guidance is empowering and thorough. At the same time, I didn’t notice where I was going in conversation, as I was lead seemlessly. I would send anyone I know who needs to find answers to their questions to see her. I feel supported, empowered, clear in intention and clear in the process of what is next in my activities toward my goals. Thank you, Regina! You helped make these next steps easier to embrace! Mary Anne Bachia, L.Ac., Diplomate of Chinese herbs

Regina,  I really enjoyed our coaching sessions together.  Thank you so much for helping me clarify in easy to understand terms what it is that I do.  I have struggled with explaining my diverse background and services, but working with you resulted in a great 30 second elevator speech as well as material for my website and bio that clearly explains what I do and captures the reader’s attention.  Yea!! I feel I am on my way to new beginnings!  Thank you so much. Deb Kitt, Longmont, CO

Vision Board Workshop
Regina, what I found to be so impressive about the Vision Board workshop was that you so strongly emphasized the positive.  I walked out of there feeling very loved and empowered because of how well you took care of each and every participant.  Thank you. Deb, Boulder, CO

I took the class with Regina not really knowing what to expect.  I thought it would be a lot of talking about how to set goals and other information.  What I found was that it was a ton of fun!  I now have my board hanging in my home where I can see it every day. B.M., Longmont

I appreciated the ability to creatively represent my goals for the year in visual form…In the end, Regina helped me realize how rich my life is already!  Sara, Boulder
I would recommend this workshop to anyone no matter what stage of life you are in.  A.L., Boulder

Create You Next Level of Success Workshop 
I learned that I can tell a new story about my life and I notice when I am living my old story.  To realize my new story is great!!  I am choosing to use my strengths and skills to make the changes that I want to create in my life.  I deserve to make myself a priority!  Thank you for this empowering experience. 
Ginny, Boulder, CO

The exercises and question were very beneficial to me, particularly the goal setting and force field analysis exercises.  Thank you for the short coaching session and your kind, compassionate manner.  Jennifer, Boulder, CO

Life and Career Coaching
Regina, I wanted to take a minute and tell you how valuable your life coaching sessions were to me. The first year of a new business is rough, which I really found out.  At many times I felt overwhelmed and unproductive. When we would meet you would help me talk it out. I realized I did have the answers I just needed clarity. You provided clarity and insight with every session. I would leave feeling energized and excited about the short-term goals we set together and had a to-do list that was manageable. You helped me see that I did not have to have everything set up and perfect to be productive.  I wanted my business to look like a tenure business in the first year. You helped me face reality and what were my REALISTIC goals. Your warmth and humor really made me feel comfortable and welcome.  I am glad to know if I am ever stuck again that you are just a phone call away. Thanks a bunch!  Delphine, Ready-Set-Design, Denver, CO

I want to thank you so much for the time you spent with me guiding and teaching me effective ways to handle the issues in my life that are holding me back personally, professionally and mentally.

You have an amazing way of asking just the right questions to allow me to see what’s really standing in my way and prohibiting me from moving forward with my life!   I believe I would not have taken the steps that put me on the right track without your help and guidance.  I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to truly know what I need to change in my thinking and actions to take more control over my life – and as you pointed out – this is my life.   I suppose the most reflective question you asked me was – do I feel that I am worthy? – WOW that question changed my outlook completely. Regina you’re a gem and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to work with you! Christie, Boulder, CO

I am writing this testimonial of my life coaching experience with Regina.  What a powerful experience!  Within in a short period of time Regina was able to get to the core of what tape I was playing in my head, which provided me with a realization of where I am now in my life and how that patterning was playing out daily.  She asked me if I was ready to change my inner world by making new choices in my life.  I found the experience to be very profound and of such great value.  It’s very exciting seeing the changes as I practice what I have learned in our coaching experience. Theresa, Arvada, CO

With Regina’s wise, intuitive and guiding inquiry, I became so clear as to what I wanted in a job situation that I have been able to manifest my dream job! 
Katie, Westminster, CO