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How To Say “Yes” To Love!

Many people are afraid to say ‘yes’ to love. They think they are ready for love and actually they are very afraid of love.
Some people are in denial, some create extravagant barriers like “I only want to date someone who has “this, this, or this.”  Sound familiar? These are barriers or excuses that you use to keep yourself safe and protected and disconnected from your true desires.

If you would like to feel safe so that you can say “Yes” to love, this may be the perfect workshop for you!

You will learn how to:

1.   Release the protections over your heart   2. Trust your intuition and inner knowing  3.   Rebuild your self-confidence

You will participate in self-discovery exercises, a guided visualization and techniques that will help to clear away the past and open the door to a fabulous future!

Would you like to experience more this in your life and relationships?

***   Restored Self-Trust   ***   Renewed Self-Love   ***  Powerful Self-Confidence

If yes, sign up now and join me!

On Saturday October 19th, 2013, from 1- 4pm.
Where: 9150 W. Jewell Ave Ste 115
Lakewood, CO 80232

Cost is $57.00. Please register below through Paypal by Oct. 19.


Regina Sisco is an expert in life coaching, personal and spiritual development, and alternative energetic healing. A lifelong teacher, she leads classes and workshops in self-development. Regina is a practitioner of Theta Healing, a system of spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. As a Relationship Wellness Expert she helps women to heal past relationship issues by rebuilding self-confidence and self- esteem.  And now with her Divine Matchmaking services, she helps spiritually aware mid-life men and women to heal and clear old relationship patterns to restore self-love.  She will find your “match made in heaven.” Her website is www.reginasisco.com

Say Yes To Love