Creating Spiritual Stability 

In These Changing Times:

Tools for Transforming Chaos

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(updated description – Tools For Transforming Chaos)

We are living in chaotic and uncertain times. We are surrounded by
“constant chatter.” How do you maintain your spiritual connection to
feel secure when all of this external unrest is magnifying your inner turmoil?

People are feeling fear, stress and overwhelm.

If you would like to navigate these rocky times with more ease and sense of security, this may
be the Retreat for you!

I am an Angelic Messenger and have been guided to share Tools for Transforming Chaos from
the Higher Realms, to assist those who are ready to evolve in these changing times.
You will receive tools from the Elemental Kingdom and Nature Spirits who work closely with
Mother Earth. These tools will help you to connect more deeply with nature and this sweet
Earth, who loves us and cares for us. These gifts will bring in the essence of balance and joy.
You will also receive guidance from the Ascended Masters who will share tools to deepen our
connection with our true self which will help to provide stability and a stronger sense of inner
knowing and serenity.

And from the universal level you will receive ‘hot off the press” perspectives and tools that will
assist you in having greater levels of trust and clarity with your guides and angels. Being able to
allow a deeper spiritual connection and knowing how to use it daily, will help you to navigate
these time with much more self-assurance.

You will leave feeling greater levels of security, love and joy!

Check out my video below!

Join me for this one-day retreat!
WHEN: Sunday December 10, 2017 TIME: 10:00am to 4:30pm
WHERE: 5511 West 56th Avenue, Suite 130 Arvada, CO, 80002
Park and enter on the west side of the building
COST: $155 and lunch is included. Please register and make payment by December 9,
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Tools for Transforming Chaos


Regina Sisco is a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive and Holistic Healer. She works with the
higher realms and the elemental kingdom and nature spirits to help people to be true to
themselves as they become their Authentic Self. Regina is an expert in life coaching,
personal and spiritual development, and energetic healing. I believe that we are all one and
connected to the Creator. I am here to help you re-connect to your own inner light, so that
your light may shine brightly in your own life. You may contact me at 720-771- 1116, or email for more info go to my website at 

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