thetahealingThetaHealing® is an energetic healing process that can heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.  The Thetahealer® moves into the theta brain wave -meditative state and connects directly to Source energy.  In this energy space the practitioner asks for a healing from the Creator.  It is a powerful yet gentle process.  Old pain, wounds, and suffering that people have carried around for years can be healed immediately or, depending on the depth of the situation, in a few sessions. This healing takes considerable time off of traditional therapy or even the process of life coaching. It is an enormous aid in clearing old beliefs and fears which usually keep you stuck and not living the happy life that you deserve.

As the next step to healing and changing beliefs, the Thetahealer® can “download” feelings to reinforce the individual’s beliefs.  The person may not have experienced certain feelings before.  For example, many people have the belief they are unworthy of having a good life.  The theta healing process can change that belief to believing they are worthy and instilling the feeling of knowing what it feels like to be worthy of having a good life everyday.

The wonder of this process is that one does not have to re-live old pain or trauma. One needs only to briefly identify it and then it can be healed.  Beliefs of unworthiness or undeservingness to allow or receive your good can be cleared and healed easily.  This process is also enormously helpful for those who experienced significant trauma whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The one core belief that an individual/client must have is a belief in God, Creator, the universe or some higher power so that the healings can occur.

Doctors have studied and verified this process and our brain waves and how they function.  The beta brain wave is our normal waking state. The alpha wave is a relaxed state and the theta brain wave is a deep meditative state.  During the theta healing process both the practitioner and the client move into the theta state.  Doctors using an electroencephalograph to monitor the process have verified this. Then the practitioner connects to the Creator to co-create the healing process and witness it.


indiviual healingIndividual Healing
Individual healing sessions consist of healing areas in your life by clearing old beliefs.  As the ThetaHealer®, I will muscle test beliefs, and ask questions to get down to the core belief and clear those beliefs using the theta healing process and muscle test again to see that the belief is cleared.  The client often experiences a relaxed peaceful state, during the session.  The ThetaHealing® process is very helpful in healing the relationship with the self, and healing issues of past relationships with family, love relationships, friendships or any other type of relationship.

Individual sessions can also be done remotely by phone and the sessions are just as effective.  If you know someone who could benefit from this service who is out of state, feel free to refer them to my website or have them call me with questions.

When an individual/client is willing to seek help and step aside, the theta healer can fully embody the energy of the seventh plane of existence – the Creator’s energy and  act as a conduit to command the healing the creator performs and then witnesses the healing taking place.  The ThetaHealer will witness things like energy moving, dna strands shifting and unfolding, beliefs being cleared on all for four belief levels.

We all have limiting beliefs from early in life and carry ancient beliefs from our ancestors.  Through this process, layers of beliefs are cleared.  There are four main belief levels; core, genetic, historic and spiritual.  The healing usually occurs on all four levels.  The core level is our normal belief level held in the front of the brain. The pineal gland in the center of the head controls the genetic level. The historic level clears past lives (if you have that belief) or ancient lineage issues or traumas.  The soul level clears all issues that may inhibit the soul from expanding fully and healing past issues.

Group Healing
In the group ThetaHealing® session, it is similar to being in a meditative state.  I will guide the group through a short meditation, to connect with the creator and  each of us send unconditional love to each other.  As the practitioner, I will perform the theta healing process with each individual who would like a healing during our group session.  It may be a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. Each person can receive an individual healing, while those observing send unconditional love to that person and the practitioner.  Healings take place for all who attend even if you choose not to have an individual healing.  This will be a small group so that everyone who attends receives an individual healing if they desire.



Empowered Process
ThetaHealing is an empowered healing process for the individual. By connecting to Source energy – or the Creator of All that is, the practitioner facilitates healing on behalf of the client on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.  By participating in the healing process, the client surrenders—or steps out of the way of their own ego’s agenda. The ego, in a way, is the protector of the individual by using feelings of fear as an indicator to assess situations, which in many instances is useful.  The ego’s desire is to keep the client safe and to be protected from the outside world.  Though well intended, the ego helps individuals create limiting beliefs, pain, struggle and suffering, sometimes this is helpful in life, but not the majority of the time.  Living a balanced life is a preferred state.  Having times of joy and creativity for example, helps to balance life when you are in a learning mode and life feels challenging.

Regina is a gifted healer who fully embodies this work and the heart space to do so compassionately with her clients.  There are deeper level healing techniques that heal trauma at a soul level like healing the broken soul, energetic divorce,  and healing stored painful memories.  Those who have experienced physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse would benefit greatly from these healings –which result in the integration of wholeness and empowerment in your life.  This is a gentle process of deep healing facilitated masterfully by Regina.

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