Lack of Self-worth

Today I want to share a video with you on Self-Worth or really I mean lack of self-worth. Most every human has some feelings of not feeling good enough, worthy enough or deserving. It’s not the truth. This is our ego, who loves us and is trying to protect us in some way from being hurt. This however, keeps us separate from our infinite connection to the Creator where we are one and whole and tied to the entire universe. This separateness, which can feel like emptiness or longing, is our desire to truly believe we are connected to our higher selves and the Creator (or whatever term works for you). We want to be able to feel that unconditional love because we haven’t found it within ourselves yet. So we seek outside ourselves in a variety of relationships or hobbies. Look no further. Look in the mirror and love that precious being who is looking back at you with all your heart.  Do it every day and soon you will never feel alone or separate again. It is your job to love yourself fully.  If you don’t, how will anyone else?

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