Getting Started

When you sign-up I will send a short questionnaire to complete so that I have  a better understanding of your needs and goals. I will target the area that you are seeking to have help with so that you can feel relief and have greater clarity and peace of mind.

Call me at 720-771-1116 or email to:, then click on the Paypal button below to get started.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Individual Theta Healing sessions provide healing and clearing for the following issues:

  • Heartbreak
  • Anger/resentment
  • Low self-worth/self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Feeling Unlovable
  • Overwhelm and out of balance
  • Physical Ailments

The client often experiences a relaxed peaceful state, during the session. The Theta Healing® process is very helpful in healing the relationship with the self, and healing issues of past relationships with family, love relationships, friendships or any other type of relationship.

Individual Sessions include:
  • Coaching for personal, life and relationship issues that are causing stress and imbalance.
  • Theta Healing sessions, provides a gentle healing and clearing of past issues and blocks, restores balance and internal joy.
  • Intuitive Readings provide a person more clarity, direction and spiritual guidance.
  • Intuitive Reading with Healing, provides release of blocks and fears that are holding you back from reaching your goals or full potential.
  • TFT – Thought Field Therapy is a tapping sequence to release emotional triggers like severe anxiety, panic attacks, grief etc.
All individual sessions are one-hour. 30-minutes healing sessions are available for existing clients only. See Paypal drop down menu here:

Individual Coaching/Healing Sessions

Other Services