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When you sign-up I will send a short questionnaire to complete and we will schedule an appointment. Plan on 60-90 minutes. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other to see if we feel comfortable working together. If so, then we will move forward with the best coaching program for you that will bring self-discovery and new found excitement into your life!

Call me at 720-771-1116 or email me at to schedule our time together, then click on the Paypal button below to get started.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Stepping Out In Confidence – Support For Entering the Dating Scene Again

I offer a dating program, which includes dating tips and advice, and rebuilding self-confidence called Stepping Out In Confidence. This program is also for mid-life men and women.

If you have been single and are considering the dating scene again, it’s scary thinking about how you are going to put yourself out there. What do you do? What do you say? How do I talk about me? This three-month program provides the tool and tips on how to navigate love, dating, respecting yourself and the “dates” you will meet.

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

For those who are ready to make a commitment to themselves to move forward in their life to release self-doubt, struggle, resentment, or the inability to receive love in your life. Where are you feeling overwhelmed and out of balance?

Feeling Better Than Ever

This is my coaching healing and renewal program for women who are moving forward from divorce or relationship break-up.

We will talk about and clear the patterns that have kept you in pain, suffering, and shame. Feelings of rejection and resentment and I will heal help you to heal your heart.

Through the coaching process I will identify those issues and feelings that are creating the heart ache. Are you feeling unlovable and experience self-blame, self-doubt, self-judgment and guilt?

With my gentle and powerful coaching and healing process, you will feel immediate relief from the pain and suffering that you have been carrying. Each step of the way you will feel lighter, and will begin to forgive and accept yourself. You will actually feel your heart Heal! How awesome is that? This will bring you to loving yourself, and a whole new level of freedom in your life. You will feel empowered and know that you deserve to live joyfully And Have the love of your life that you deserve! You will Feel Better Than Ever!

My coaching programs are three months, six months or longer in length depending on your individual needs and we would determine that in our initial consultation where I would discuss in greater detail the benefits of your personal investment of deservingness.

Coaching Consultation