Meditation CD – Learning How To Meditate

meditationcdMy meditation cd is now available for purchase. The cost is $15.00. I will be posting digital files for purchase soon.The purpose of this cd is to help quiet the mind chatter that keeps most people from meditating or sticking with it, and to reduce stress and provide relaxation. Most importantly as the individual gains enough practice she/he will be able to connect to their spirit guides, angels and the creator to receive guidance in their life.

There are five tracks on the cd.  The first track is an introduction to meditation describing, the purpose, and helpful tips and techniques. The other four tracks are meditation techniques to help quiet the mind and provide relaxation.  They build on each other. The first track is a breathing technique which is the basis of meditation. Establishing a good breathing technique will support you in a life-long meditation practice. The other techniques are unique to the individual and build and develop your connection to your guides.  I recommend that you listen to the entire cd first and then listen in order on the cd.  As you do this the mind chatter will lessen, your inner peace will increase and the whole meditation process will become easier.  From there you can listen to which ever track feeds you at that time.I teach meditation and my students recommended I create a CD so they could practice and listen to my voice.  They have shared impressive results even when starting out and meditating for only few minutes, a couple of days a week. Here’s what some have shared; they have experienced reduced stress and anxiety, and have a calmer, more positive attitude through out their day.

There are five tracks on the cd:
1. An Introduction and explanation of how to meditate.
2.  Breathing In and Breathing Out
3. Counting 1 -21 – A Buddhist Style meditation
4. The Golden Ball (visualization)
5. Chanting the Om

Contact me for ordering at  Please put CD Order in the subject line and I will provide the easy ordering information. Thank you!