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Do you feel unsure of yourself when it comes to romance and dating? Not sure if you have your “sea legs” yet?

Then this two-hour teleseminar may be just what you need to feel secure about moving forward with love this year.

Wouldn’t you like to feel more confident about yourself when you’re dating or start dating?

Or would you like to stop the “dating game” that keeps you disconnected from yourself and finding true love because you’re too afraid of being hurt again?

If you are ready for a different result this year, that means you need to take new action with you. What old patterns are keeping you on the “loveless treadmill”? Don’t you deserve better?

In this two-hour teleseminar you will leave having a:

-         Renewed sense of self-confidence

-         Deeper connection with yourself and more self-love

-         New level of certainty that you can SAY YES TO LOVE this year

When:  Thursday February 27, 2014

Time:             7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location:  By phone register to receive call in details.

ð  Register NOW:  Cost: $97  Click on the Paypal button below to register.

Once you register I will then send you the call-in information. You will listen by phone right from the comfort of your home!

If you can’t make that time, just be sure to register and you will receive the full recording of the teleseminar. Email me at, if you have questions.

Regina Sisco, known as America’s Relationship Coach, is a world renowned authority in empowering you to find the love of your life.   She brings her background in corporate recruiting, life & relationship coaching, personal and spiritual development, and alternative energetic healing to the process.   As America’s Relationship Coach, she helps you heal past relationship issues by rebuilding self-confidence and self-esteem.  She created the Divine Matchmaking™  process to help spiritually aware mid-life men and women to heal and clear old relationship patterns to restore self-love.   Ready to find your “match made in heaven”?  Email her at or call 720-771-1116. For more info go to her website at

Say Yes To Love Teleseminar