Are you feeling challenged with yourself, your life or love relationship? Then my Free weekly presentations in June, could be just what you need to have a new perspective to help you move forward.  Each week I will share tips that will help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and relationships…if you want to be in one or are already in one! We will have time for questions and answers at too.

July 8
This is a FREE presentation.

How’s the dating dance working for you? Do you feel confident dating? How many second dates do you have? And if you are moving along with dating are you experiencing romance? This applies to men and women. Romance requires you to be able to open up to intimacy and not just sexual intimacy.
In this FREE presentation I will share some perspectives and tips on dating. Like how to feel more confident and safe with being your genuine true self. This can open the door to enhanced romance and intimacy. And who wouldn’t like more of that!
Time:       7:00pm – 7:45pm
WHERE:  Clements Community Center
                  1580 Yarrow St  Lakewood, CO 
               We will meet in the Aspen Room.
TO REGISTER: Email me at or call me at 720-771-1116 before Noon the day of the event for room setup. THANK YOU! For more information go to my website at

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