About Regina Sisco

I am an expert in coaching personal, career and spiritual development and alternative/energetic healing.  I believe that we are all one and connected to the Creator, God, Source, the Universe, or whatever term resonates for you!

I have been a teacher in some form my whole life.  I have experienced some pretty challenging life lessons like: an abusive childhood, divorce, depression, loss of parents, being laid off, adjusting to living in another country, changing careers, overcoming limiting beliefs of low self-worth, undeservingness, lack, scarcity and not enough.  I have overcome or made major strides in healing these challenging situations and beliefs.  I accept that I am never done with this process; it is about releasing one layer at a time.

What these experiences have brought me is great strength and courage-even when I doubted myself and my ability to survive.  But I did, I always made it through.  I am resilient and stronger now.  I have a great expanse of personal knowledge and experience of working with others.  I have learned a great deal about myself and the various aspects of who I am.  I have studied and trained to help heal others so that I could share the tools and techniques that helped me.  I teach meditation so individuals can connect with the Creator, their personal spirit guides, soul and divine presence.  This is our greatest tool to self-discovery and healing, is getting to know our spiritual self and accepting our own divinity and greatness.

Sometimes life events can be too big for us to handle alone. Allowing ourselves to recognize and open up to the infinite love and support of the universe is our way through.  We’ve been practically brain washed to think otherwise.

I am here to help you re-connect to your own inner light, so that your light may shine brightly in your own life.  I will help you reconnect to your own light by healing your heart.  We all have many layers of protection over our heart from being hurt in the past.  It may have been something small you wouldn’t even remember or it may be an experience you considered devastating. They all add up.  Being willing to let go takes us to who we really want to be, what we want to feel and how we want to experience our life. You get to create it.  I am here as a guide, teacher and healer for you.

I am here to take out the trial and error, the hit and miss, or the ‘maybe a miracle will happen this time’!  I have a unique skill set that will help you to identify your match made in heaven!   I spent 25 years in the corporate world in Human Resources, and have interviewed thousands of people. When I did corporate recruiting I used assessments, like personality and decision making tests, and other tools to determine the right candidate for the organization.  I also used intuition to know if the person was a good fit for the leader and the team. Now as a conscious match maker of divine relationships, I will not only use these unique assessments to learn about you and your potential mate. I will be combining spiritual coaching and theta-healing (spiritual energy healing) to clear old beliefs and fears that are getting in the way of you receiving your divine partner.

What I hear from my clients now is ‘they are afraid of getting hurt again.’  I completely understand that fear: I experienced it myself after my divorce many years ago.  When I was ready, I took the plunge again with a wonderful man. Actually when my awesome husband proposed to me I was shocked – we never talked about it and I was scared to death to say yes!  I was perfectly content to live together. We had just bought a house, life was grand!  It actually took me a few minutes to breath and tune in to how I felt about him – how much I loved him before I squeaked out “I think that’s ok!”

Warm Regards,
Regina Sisco