Regina Sisco

Are you a mid-life spiritual single (age 35 -60) looking for love? Are you tired of the on-line dating thing and not finding the quality person that you want? That’s what my clients are telling me. They have tried the on-line dating sites and for many it’s just not working. I have the answer to help you find “ a real” high quality love relationship. It’s my customized Divine Partnership™  Program.

Do you want an off the charts hot, loving, intimate, fun relationship? Yes? Then you need to be able to receive and allow it. How good are you at allowing and receiving love? Many people are not that good at receiving. To be able to do that you have to let go of the hurts of the past, the shame, the blame, regret, rejection, unworthiness and lack of self-love.

Every healthy relationship starts with you. When you are happy, self-accepting and full of self-love, then a love relationship can come to you. If you don’t have that now or have never had that then something needs to change and the change starts with you. Because the loneliness and the emptiness inside of you is deafening isn’t it?

And it’s not the other person or soon to be “dream” partner that will need to change or “fix all that.”

The first step begins with you. Are you ready to be free of:

The loneliness
The heartache
The rejection
The hurt of betrayal
Not trusting yourself or others
The shyness
The lack of confidence
Fear of being hurt again
The lack of self-acceptance and self-love

If you have answered “YES” to three or more of these statements this may be your time for action, time to commit, time for you to invest in yourself, your well-being, your happiness and reclaim your power of Loving yourself fully and tenderly.

Who wouldn’t want tremendous joy, love, companionship and play? What are you waiting for? The time is now.  Say Yes to Love!

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Welcome to your renewed commitment to loving yourself, your life and a love relationship!

Regina Sisco
Divine Relationship Expert & Mentor
Certified Life Coach
Advanced Certified Theta Healing Practitioner

Denver’s Best Relationship Coach!

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